Bradycardia (slow heart rates)


Do you experience slow heart rates (Bradycardias)?

This is the condition when the heart rate slows down thereby compromising the circulation. These can be caused either by problems of electrical current generation or conduction.


What do the patients complain of?

The patients tend to complain of giddiness, lightheadedness, fatigue, breathlessness or episodes of fainting.


How is this condition diagnosed?

The condition can be diagnosed by a electrocardiogram (ECG) which reveals the slow heart rate. Some patients may need to undergo EP study to diagnose this condition.


How is this condition treated?

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, these patients need to be treated by Artificial Pacemakers.


What are pacemakers?

Artificial pacemakers are small coin shaped devices (1-2 inches in diameter) which generates electrical current. They are placed just below one’s collar bone and the current is transmitted to the heart with the help of one or two wires (leads) positioned in the right side of the heart. They carry out the normal electrical function of the heart and thus cure the patient of his symptoms.