Watching TV in your teens? It would make you fat in your 40s!


Television viewing habits and leisure-time physical activity at the age of 16 independently predicted the metabolic syndrome at age 43, according to the first study to examine this.


More TV, less exercise, doubled metabolic syndrome! This means that these teens have  higher risk of getting obese, having higher triglyceride (type of bad fat), increased blood pressure and increased sugar levels when they reach their 40s!


In this study, 888 individuals were studied. Those who reported “watching several [TV] shows a day” at 16 were twice as likely to have the metabolic syndrome at age 43 than those who said they watched “one show/week” or less!

Similarly, those who noted leisure-time physical activity “several times per month” were more likely to have metabolic syndrome later in life than those who reported “daily” leisure-time physical activity in their teens!


TV viewing and less physical activity at age 16 years was linked to central obesity, low HDL cholesterol, and hypertension at age 43 years!

So switch off the Idiot box and go walking with your family! 


via Metabolic syndrome in 40s linked to TV, exercise, at age 16 |

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